All vehicle manufacturers are producing computer driven cars these days.

Processors run everything from engine management to climate control, body electronics, stability control, ABS & air bag systems to mention a few. What complicates matters further is that each manufacturer runs its own proprietary software & hardware. Unless a repair facility has just gobs of money to invest in diagnostic equipment & special tools for every make & model vehicle being produced today, few general repair facilities will be able to adequately repair any given vehicle.

We specialize in BMW & Mini because it is our passion. We have invested in expensive tooling & diagnostic software in order to be a "Full Service" Independent BMW & Mini repair facility. The days of the corner gas station servicing your car are fading fast. The industry is evolving two types of repair facilities: Factory Dealerships & Independent Specialists.

In the BMW & Mini world, if your current repair facility doesn't have AutoLogic or ISTA in its repair arsenal, they're in the dark about fixing your BMW. You might even sense that they are uncomfortable with your car in their garage, as they really don’t understand it. What would you do if you got the same feeling from your doctor? Would you continue on with that surgery?

BMW & Mini are technologically sophisticated vehicles that require special training & equipment in order to be serviced properly. In the automotive world, budget repair shops can offer low prices because they haven’t invested in their equipment and technicians. Hence, repairs take longer; you might return for several visits before the problem is resolved, and you might be paying for parts that your car didn’t need due to an inaccurate diagnosis. So, you get what you pay for. Technicians at Schneller are factory trained, use the latest diagnostic equipment, and receive continuing education annually to remain sharp. Given our years of service & expertise servicing BMWs, we are proud to be one of the select few Independent BMW Service shops to be members of both the IAIBMWSP (International Association of Independent BMW Service Professionals) and the Bimmer Tech Group. Mike Morris is also the technical advisor for the Boston Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. You can be confident that we’ll fix your car correctly the fist time!

Service Area

Schneller has tuned and tweaked cars from as far away as Canada, California, Washington State, Texas, The U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Martin. However most of our customers are from New England, traveling from southern New Hampshire, the Massachusetts North Shore, and the communities of:

Boston, Newburyport, Newbury, Salisbury, Amesbury, West Newbury, Byfield, Plum Island, Rowley, Boxford, Hamilton, South Hamilton, Essex,Ipswich, Gloucester Georgetown, Beverly, Andover, North Andover, Groveland, Hampton, NH, Hampton Falls, Rye, NH, Portsmouth NH